Marvel Comics in Hindi

Marvel Comics in Hindi

Guys who are searching for marvel comics in Hindi pdf free download but you didn't find any link then don't worry you are on right page, we have uploaded it for your help. In this post you can read all marvel comics stories in Hindi language like superman, batman, spiderman, venom, avengers, black widow, clash of guardians, planet of hulk, thor, ant-man etc. These are the best stories in the world which are being read all over the world. In this post, we have also provided the download link for Marvel Comics PDF in Hindi for free download.

हैलो दोस्तों, आज हम आपके लिए लेकर आये हैं Marvel Comics PDF हिन्दी भाषा में। अगर आप Marvel Comics हिन्दी पीडीएफ़ डाउनलोड करना चाहते हैं तो आप बिल्कुल सही जगह आए हैं। इस लेख में हम आपको देंगे Marvel Comics के बारे में सम्पूर्ण जानकारी और पीडीएफ़ का direct डाउनलोड लिंक।

Get all the Marvel Comics here in Hindi  language free of cost . Just follow the link here and download your favorite book.  

S.NoBook NameBook Size
1Superman First Comic in Hindi 27.1 MB
2Superman-Patthar Dil Comic in Hindi10.9 MB
3Clark's Kent Personal Life Comic in Hindi 36.4 MB
4Superman Adventures Comic in Hindi Book8.98 MB
5Superman Adventures- A Weighty Issue comic in Hindi 17.3 MB
6Batman-Issue 1 Comic in Hindi27.1 MB
7Batman-Issue 2 Comic in Hindi17.3 MB
8Batman-Issue 3 Comic in Hindi4.57 MB
9The Avengers Comic in Hindi48.9 MB
10Clash of the Guardians (Apocalypse) Part-1 Comic in Hindi73 MB
11Clash of the Guardians (Apocalypse) Part-2 Comic in Hindi129 MB
12VENOM Comic In Hindi27.1 MB
13VENOM Issue-1 Comic in Hindi6.19 MB
14VENOM Issue-4 Comic in Hindi4.98 MB
15PLANET-Hulk Part-1 in Hindi 7.38 MB
16ADVENT OF DARKNESS Comics in Hindi99.5 MB
17PLANET-Hulk Part-2 in Hindi 22 MB
18PLANET-Hulk Part-3 in Hindi 14.7 MB
19PLANET-Hulk Part-4 in Hindi 11.9 MB
20PLANET-Hulk Part-5 in Hindi 10.8 MB
21PLANET-Hulk Part-6 in Hindi 11.5 MB
22Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-1 in Hindi22 MB
23Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-2 in Hindi94.69 MB
24Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-3 in Hindi15.5 MB
25Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-4 in Hindi100 MB
26Avengers issue #1 Comics in Hindi8.4 MB
27VENOM Issue-2 Comic in Hindi75.4 MB
28Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-5 in Hindi101 MB
29Avengers:Infinity War Part-1 Comics in Hindi87.4 MB
30Avengers:Infinity War Part-2 Comics in Hindi86.3 MB
31Avengers:Infinity War Part-3 Comics in Hindi85.7 MB
32Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-6 in Hindi104 MB
33Thor Ragnarok Part-1 Comics in Hindi76.3 MB
34Thor Ragnarok Part-2 Comics in Hindi71 MB
35Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-7 in Hindi100 MB
36Ant-Man Prelude #1 Comics in Hindi51 MB
37Ant-Man Prelude #2 Comics in Hindi58 MB
38VENOM Issue-3 Comic in Hindi71 MB
39Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-8 in Hindi88 MB
40Spider-Man-Homecoming Prelude issue-1 in Hindi78 MB
41Spider-Man-Homecoming Prelude issue-2 in Hindi84.4 MB
42Black Widow Prelude Part-1 in Hindi60.1 MB
43MahaSangram Part-1 in Hindi82 MB
44MahaSangram Part-2 in Hindi56 MB
45Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 Comic in Hindi24.2 MB
46GOD OF WAR Part-1 in Comics Hindi 16.3 MB
47GOD OF WAR Part-2 in Comics Hindi 15.2 MB
48GOD OF WAR Part-3 in Comics Hindi 14.2 MB
49GOD OF WAR Part-4 in Comics Hindi 16.6 MB
50Wonder Woman Issue-1 Comics in Hindi23.8 MB
51Wonder Woman Issue-2 Comics in Hindi24.1 MB
52Wonder Woman Issue-3 Comics in Hindi23.1 MB
53Wonder Woman Issue-4 Comics in Hindi22.7 MB
54Wonder Woman Issue-5 Comics in Hindi23.6 MB
55Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-9 in Hindi100 MB
56Black Widow Prelude Part-2 Comic in Hindi 16.7 MB
57Avatar-The Next Shadow Part-1 Comics in Hindi 69 MB
58Wonder Woman Issue-6 Comics in Hindi20.2 MB
59Wonder Woman Issue-7 Comics in Hindi19.3 MB 
60Spiderman Small Issue 01 Comics in Hindi7.45 MB 
61Spiderman Small Issue 02 Comics in Hindi34 MB 
62Spiderman Small Issue 03 Comics in Hindi7.34 MB 
63Button Part-1:Batman & Flash Comics in Hindi17.3 MB 
64Button Part-2:Batman & Flash Comics in Hindi22.7 MB 
65Button Part-3:Batman & Flash Comics in Hindi24.9 MB 
66Superman-Mahapralay Part-1 Comics in Hindi21.7 MB 
67Superman-Mahapralay Part-2 Comics in Hindi17.3 MB 
68Superman-Mahapralay Part-3 Comics in Hindi36 MB 
69Superman-Mahapralay Part-4 Comics in Hindi9.80 MB 
70Superman-Mahapralay Part-5 Comics in Hindi21.7 MB 
71Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude Vol.1 Part-1 Comics in Hindi17.4 MB 
72Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude Vol.1 Part-2 Comics in Hindi18.9 MB 
73Avatar-The Next Shadow Part-2 Comics in Hindi 67.4 MB
74Wonder Woman Issue-8 Comics in Hindi25.2 MB 
75Wonder Woman Issue-9 Comics in Hindi21.4 MB 
76Wonder Woman Issue-10 Comics in Hindi20.3 MB 
77Wonder Woman Issue-11 Comics in Hindi21.3 MB 
78Avatar-The Next Shadow Part-3 Comics in Hindi 70.3 MB
79MahaSangram Part-3 in Hindi94 MB
80Wonder Woman Issue-12 Comics in Hindi22.1 MB 
81Wonder Woman Issue-13 Comics in Hindi26.6 MB 
82Avatar-The Next Shadow Comics Last Part in Hindi 70 MB
83MahaSangram Part-4 in Hindi52.3 MB
84Darkseid war part-01 Comics in Hindi37.3 MB
85Darkseid war part-02 Comics in Hindi39.5 MB
86Darkseid war part-03 Comics in Hindi22.9 MB
87Darkseid war part-04 Comics in Hindi25 MB
88Darkseid war part-05 Comics in Hindi28.8 MB
89Darkseid war part-06 Comics in Hindi25.7 MB
90Darkseid war part-07 Comics in Hindi27.7 MB
91Darkseid war part-08 Comics in Hindi25.6 MB
92Darkseid war part-09 Comics in Hindi23 MB
93Darkseid war part-10 Comics in Hindi19.8 MB
94Darkseid war part-11 Comics in Hindi23.6 MB
95Darkseid war part-12 Comics in Hindi17.6 MB
96Darkseid war part-13 Comics in Hindi21.5 MB
97Darkseid war part-14 Comics in Hindi21.6 MB
98Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-10 in Hindi128.29MB
99Darkseid war part-15 Comics in Hindi23.3 MB
100Darkseid war part-16 Comics in Hindi29.3 MB
101Darkseid war part-17 Comics in Hindi24 MB
102Darkseid war last part Comics in Hindi45.5 MB
103Earth 24-Point Zero Comics in Hindi11 MB
104Ground Zero-Rise of the Serpent Comics in Hindi19 MB
105Invasion Comics in Hindi40 MB
106No Mercy Comics in Hindi14.25 MB
107Unforgiven Comics in Hindi13.48 MB
108Halloween Havoc Comics in Hindi24 MB
109Abhisaran Part-1 Comics in Hindi38.2 MB
110Abhisaran Part-2 Comics in Hindi33.17 MB
111Abhisaran Part-3 Comics in Hindi28.03 MB
112Abhisaran Part-4 Comics in Hindi29.01 MB
113Villains For Hire Part-1 Comics in Hindi67.59 MB
114Abhisaran Part-5 Comics in Hindi28.08 MB
115Villains For Hire Part-2 Comics in Hindi64.27 MB
116Abhisaran Part-6 Comics in Hindi31.04 MB
117Superman-Rahasya Khul Gaya Comics in Hindi11.55 MB
118Villains For Hire Part-3 Comics in Hindi66.59 MB
119Abhisaran Part-7 Comics in Hindi27.15 MB
120Shadowland-Moon Knight Part-1 Comics in Hindi147.65MB
121Abhisaran Part-8 Comics in Hindi29 MB
122Superman-No Tomorrow for Superman Comics in Hindi19.27 MB
123Villains For Hire Last Part Comics in Hindi68.13 MB
124Shadowland-Moon Knight Part-2 Comics in Hindi106.83MB
125Abhisaran Last Part Comics in Hindi37.04 MB
126Deadpool-Assassin Issue #1 Comics in Hindi117.8MB
127Shadowland-Moon Knight Part-3 Comics in Hindi99.19 MB
128Thor Part-1 Comics in Hindi-Based on the Marvel Film 75.74 MB
129Deadpool-Assassin Issue #2 Comics in Hindi86.5 MB
130Thor Part-2 Comics in Hindi-Based on the Marvel Film 75.53 MB
131Doctor Strange Prelude Part-1 Comics in Hindi 70.04 MB
132Doctor Strange Prelude Part-2 Comics in Hindi 84.82 MB
133MahaSangram Part-5 Comics in Hindi99.75 MB
134Incognito-Andhere Ka Bhagwan Comics in Hindi8.75 MB
135Incognito-Qayamat Ki Raat Comics in Hindi14.2 MB
136 Grim Fairy Tale (Library) Part-1 Comics in Hindi22.75 MB
137 Grim Fairy Tale (Library) Part-2 Comics in Hindi18.18 MB
138 Grim Fairy Tale (Library) Part-3 Comics in Hindi24.93 MB
139 Grim Fairy Tale (Library) Part-4 Comics in Hindi26.66 MB
140 Grim Fairy Tale (Library) Part-5 Comics in Hindi27.17 MB
141 Dance of the Dead Part-1 Comics in Hindi4.7 MB
142 Dance of the Dead Part-2 Comics in Hindi4.0 MB
143 Dance of the Dead Part-3 Comics in Hindi13.08 MB
144 Dance of the Dead Part-4 Comics in Hindi7.7 MB
145 Dance of the Dead Part-5 Comics in Hindi9.8 MB
146 Dance of the Dead Part-6 Comics in Hindi10.4 MB
147 Colder Udgam Part-1 Comics in Hindi8.82 MB
148 Colder Udgam Part-2 Comics in Hindi14.29 MB
149 Colder Toss the Bones Part-1 Comics in Hindi7.18 MB
150 Colder Toss the Bones Part-2 Comics in Hindi14.29 MB
151 Colder Toss the Bones Part-3 Comics in Hindi20 MB
152 Colder Toss the Bones Part-4 Comics in Hindi17 MB
153 Colder Toss the Bones Part-5 Comics in Hindi21 MB
154 Van Helsing Part-1 Comics in Hindi20 MB
155 Van Helsing Part-2 Comics in Hindi21.1 MB
156 Van Helsing Part-3 Comics in Hindi20.2 MB
157 Van Helsing Part-4 Comics in Hindi23.4 MB
158 Van Helsing Part-5 Comics in Hindi18.1 MB
159 Van Helsing Part-6 Comics in Hindi18.1 MB
160 Van Helsing Part-7 Comics in Hindi17.6 MB
161 Van Helsing Part-8 Comics in Hindi17.6 MB
162 Van Helsing Part-9 Comics in Hindi16.8 MB
163 Yatna Part-1 Comics in Hindi29.6 MB
164 Yatna Part-2 Comics in Hindi29.6 MB
165Deadpool-Assassin Issue #3 Comics in Hindi80.3 MB
166 Yatna Part-3 Comics in Hindi28.48 MB
167 Yatna Part-4 Comics in Hindi26.63 MB
168MahaSangram Part-6 in Hindi84.2 MB
169MahaSangram Part-7 in Hindi103.76MB
170Shikar Comics in Hindi23.66 MB
171Professor Ashwatthama Rebirth of Ravana Part 1 Comics in Hindi40.76 MB
172Professor Ashwatthama The Return of Lord Parshuram Part 2 Comics18.58 MB
173Professor Ashwatthama Eat or Be Eaten Part 3 Comics in Hindi18.58 MB
174Skaar Son of Hulk Part-1 Comics in Hindi26.6 MB
175Skaar Son of Hulk Part-2 Comics in Hindi28.7 MB
176Skaar Son of Hulk Part-3 Comics in Hindi26.5 MB
177Adventures of Yodha Comics in Hindi20 MB
178Skaar Son of Hulk Part-4 Comics in Hindi40 MB
179Skaar Son of Hulk Part-5 Comics in Hindi23.4 MB
180Skaar Son of Hulk Part-6 Comics in Hindi25.6 MB
181Skaar Son of Hulk Part-7 Comics in Hindi33.7 MB
182Draculla Part-1 Comics in Hindi9.5 MB
183Draculla Part-2 Comics in Hindi13.2 MB


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