Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-3 Comics in Hindi

Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-3 Comics in Hindi

Marvel Comics  presents  Avengers: Age of Ultron Book-3 in Hindi Comics book. These comic is in Hindi language. You can easily download this book in PDF format.

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Comic Summary:-
Luke Cage and She-Hulk argue over who's going to do a certain thing, that cultivates in Luke punching She-Hulk and carrying her over his shoulder.

An hour earlier the superheroes in the underground bunker are discussing, and reminiscing over lost allies before Captain America comes up with a plan that involves selling one of them to Ultron. During this Tony goes on to discus why Ultron would bargain for super people, and during that Hawkeye argues that it's all Hank Pyms fault for creating Ultron in the first place. After deciding that selling one of them to Ultron is the only plan they have Luke and She-Hulk argue over why they should be the one to be sold, with She-Hulk getting to be sold, but Luke says that he'll be the seller then. Wolverine argues that he should be the seller, but Cap argues that he's much more value to Ultron and that Ultron would strip him down for his Adamantium to use as parts. After this Cap decides that the rest of the heroes will be moving to the mutate village in the Savage Land. The issue then jumps back to Luke carrying She-Hulk and taking her to Ultron's.

Red Hulk, along with Taskmaster, and Black Panther spying on a bunch of Ultron's. Red Hulk jumps into gear smashing one of the Ultron's and ripping it's head off, but is attacked straight away. He throws the head to Black Panther, and Black Panther and Taskmaster run off, after Red Hulk tells them to. Black Panther and Taskmaster are however caught in a blast and after checking for a pulse Taskmaster leaves with the head realising that Black Panther is dead.

Luke is brought by the Ultron's to a highly technological place where he finds to his surprise that he isn't dealing with Ultron whilst selling She-Hulk, he's dealing with Vison.

Title of the Comics

Comics Name - Age of Ultron Book-3

Comic Pages - 21

Comic Size - 15.5 MB

Comic Language - Hindi 

Avengers:Age of Ultron Book-3 15.5 MB

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