Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-4 Comics in Hindi

Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-4 Comics in Hindi

Marvel Comics  presents  Avengers: Age of Ultron Book-4 in Hindi Comics book. These comic is in Hindi language. You can easily download this book in PDF format.

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Comic Summary:-

Luke Cage asks to talk to Ultron then asking if Vision is behind this, but Vision replies that Ultron can hear him as Ultron is controlling from the future, which shocks both Cage and She-Hulk. She-Hulk then says that she's heard enough and throws Cage saying that he needs to tell Iron Man everything he saw whilst battling the Ultron's before one of them kills her. Other Ultron's also follow Cage who fights back saying that it's for killing his wife, and child, as well as friends. Cage continues to fight but is eventually cornered.

Meanwhile in San Francisco Black Widow and Moon Knight are still in Nick Fury's secret bunker, with Moon Knight waking up from a bad dream, saying that the world had ended and he was trapped in one of Fury's secret bunkers. As they go through his paper work they find that he has a secret bunker in the Savage Land, then Black Widow gives Moon Knight a piece of paper that stuns Moon Knight, as they have to find a way to sneak out of the city and go to the south pole.

The other hero's that are being lead by Captain America head over the skies of New York, and spot a nuclear blast, which shocks them as they believed She-Hulk and Cage to be in that area.

Meanwhile in Chicago Red Hulk catches up with Taskmaster, asking him where he was heading, to which Taskmaster replied that he was gathering Ultron tech and getting out of the city. Red Hulk then says that he doesn't trust him and smashes through him.

8 Days Later the hero's have made it to the Savage Land where they find an abandoned Quinjet, and when Cap asks Wolverine and Emma Frost what they sense they say that they sense nothing. They then spot someone on a hill and find out that it's Ka-Zar, who leads them to were he lives. Emma, and Wolverine get a funny feeling as they both notice that Cage is within, with Emma saying that he's survived a nuclear blast, and Wolverine saying that he's dying. Emma then says that he piloted a plane here and crashed miles out dragging himself to the shore. After Cap asks about She-Hulk with no reply Emma continues to say that Cage has learned Ultron's secret, and that the reason no one can get to Ultron is cause he's in the future, using Vision as a conduit. Emma then says that he wouldn't let go until he told them what they needed to do next. Then Red Hulk, Black Widow and Moon Knight but in saying that they need to find Ultron and wipe him from existence, saying that thanks to Nick Fury that they know how.

Title of the Comics

Comics Name - Age of Ultron Book-4

Comic Pages - 22

Comic Size - 100 MB

Comic Language - Hindi 

Avengers:Age of Ultron Book-4 100 MB

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