Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-2 Comics in Hindi

Avengers-Age of Ultron Book-2 Comics in Hindi

Marvel Comics  presents  Avengers: Age of Ultron Book-2 in Hindi Comics book. These comic is in Hindi language. You can easily download this book in PDF format.

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Comic Summary:-

As Ultron is destroying things in his path Black Widow is attacked with a gun by a random man. The man keeps asking him to remove his hood, and shows what he is hiding. Black Widow removes the hood to show one eye badly deformed, but the man still insists on trying to rob him. The man is shot by Moon Knight though, and he and Black Widow speak to each other via sign language with Black Widow stating, "I had," and Moon Knight said, "Sure." As you did. "

As Ultron continues to attack the human, who will not submit to Black Widow and Moon Knight enters one of Nick Fury's hideouts, but Black Widow nearly enters Moon Knight, entering various points. Attacks. They discover that the hideout was the one used by Fury during the Skrull invasion (covert invasion). When Moon Knight asks if Ultron is aware of this Black Widow that Fury has never written, there will be no trace for Ultron to follow. Black Widow asks Moon Knight to help destroy Ultron, whom Moon Knight agrees to.

Meanwhile Spider-Man is at an underground hideout that is currently capturing 7,000 heroes. He reveals his name, saying that secret identity no longer has any meaning. Saying that he had risen one morning and taken the world to hell, he asked about what he saw. A flashback depicts Peter waking up and passing through New York with flames all around, and at the end of his remembrance he asks if it was in Manhattan. After discovering that the whole world is under Ultron's control, Peter says that he is happy that he is with them. Iron Man then asks how he was kidnapped and another short flashback shows how, Peter mentions that his Spider-Sense wasn't even close. After stating that Hammerhead and the Owl were going to sell him to Ultron Luke Cage asks why Ultron needed to do so, and not to take him himself. After being told by Iron Man that the plan was to survive, Peter says it is nothing, until Captain America comes in to tell them that they finally have a plan.

Title of the Comics

Comics Name - Age of Ultron Book-2

Comic Pages - 20

Comic Size - 94.69 MB

Comic Language - Hindi 

Avengers:Age of Ultron Book-2 94.69 MB

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