Avengers:Age of Ultron Book-1 Comics in Hindi

Avengers:Age of Ultron Book-1 Comics in Hindi

Marvel Comics  presents  Avengers:Age of Ultron Book-1 in Hindi Comics book. These comic is in Hindi language. You can easily download this book in pdf format.

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Comic Summary:-
Ultron has taken over the world, and wrecked it, and in the event of an apocalypse. Hawkeye is heading to a hideout that is of Hammerhead and Owl, and in the process advises a girl to flee, killing several guards. Hawkeye abuses a woman over a pair of goons, and tells them to leave, eventually killing them. It is not long before Hammerhead and the Owl realize that they have an intruder, and when they think it is a plan to sell him to the big man (Ultron). While going through more of his goons, Hawkeye finally finds who he is in search of Spider-Man. Spider-Man is tortured and cannot thank Hawke enough but Hammerhead and the Owl explode.

Suddenly Ultron's turn comes, and demands that all human life evacuate the premises. Owl and Hammerhead are not happy as they appear to be making a deal with Ultron, but that doesn't stop them from attacking. Hawkeye somehow manages to escape with Spider-Man, but doesn't look as lucky as Hammerhead and the Owl.

After more thanks to Spider-Man, Hawkeye leads an underground bunker, where a group of heroes are hiding. He is suddenly greeted by Luke Cage and She-Hulk who are not happy to see him. Iron Man reluctantly uses technology to establish that they have not been infected with Ultron, but She-Hulk is still concerned as they were pursued. Emma Frost however confirms that they were not, and Hawkeye is surprised to thank them. There is a mild argument between Hawkeye and Cage about how they should live, and Hawkeye is upset that the rest have given up. Iron Man reveals that he has no plans, and when Hawkeye asks whose fault it is, Iron Man says that Captain America is working on one, but Cap does not cope well with the current situation.

Title of the Comics

Comics Name - Age of Ultron Book-1

Comic Pages - 26

Comic Size - 22 MB

Comic Language - Hindi 

Avengers:Age of Ultron Book-1 22 MB


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