You Can Win Book By Shiv Khera in Hindi & English

You Can Win Book By Shiv Khera in Hindi & English

Hello Friends , I am sharing  Book "You Can Win in Hindi". You can download this book in pdf format free of cost. This book is written by Shiv Khera.

Book Summary:

Before you can win talk about , the author of the book talks to Shiva Khera first. He is an Indian author and an activist of self-help books. He launched a movement against caste-based reservation India. Established an organization called the first foundation of the country, and started the Indian Nationalist Samanta Party. In 1998, Khera published his first book You Can WIN (Jeet Aapki in Hindi). This book focuses on personal development and achieving success through a positive attitude. "You Can Win" is a treasure of inspiration. If one reads this book carefully then there will definitely be positive changes in his life and it will help him a lot to make his life successful.

'Jeet aapki' book will help you to do all this:
1. Expertise on the seven steps of good thinking and bring confidence in yourself.
2. Get success by turning your weaknesses into strengths.
3. Enhance your fame by taking the right steps for the right reason.
4. Instead of letting circumstances dominate you, learn to control them.
5. Build faith and trust by increasing mutual respect with people around you.
6. Be effective by removing your blockages.

"You Can Win" book- 24 Good Thoughts:

1: I am sure that in the mind of those who have won, they must also avoid that desire must have arisen, but they never let them dominate themselves.

2: The great violinist Fritz Chrysler was playing the violin at a concert. When he stopped playing the violin, a man came on stage and asked, "To play the violin like you, I can spend my whole life." Chrysler replied, "I have already planted."

3: Take so much time to improve yourself that there is no time left to criticize others.

4: Winners do not do different things, they do things differently.

5:When I got tired and wanted to stop tired, I used to wonder what my opponent would be doing at this time. When I used to think that he is still practicing, then I would work harder and when I see he is getting tired and resting, then I would work even harder.

6:When we do not know our limits and limitations, we surprise ourselves by doing big and high things. Looking back, I wonder if I had any limits. We are bound only by the boundaries which we have made for ourselves. Do not let education bind you.

7:If you value your own dignity, then be in the company of talented people. It is better to stay alone because of bad association.

8:Some people repeatedly argue that "I can give up these evils whenever I want." But they do not feel that bad effects are more powerful than willpower.

9:It is far better to lose by a dishonest victory.

10:Iron is made steel only by heating in fire.

11:There should be equality between words and actions. If someone says something, and does something, how will you believe it?

12:Repeating the mistake is the biggest mistake.

13:Debate is one thing that cannot be won, if we win then we will lose and if we lose we will lose.

14:Complete skill and understanding means not to get involved in trivial matters and arguments.

15:Commitment means that the promise will be fulfilled, no matter what happens.

16: Forgive someone, but don't forget his name.

17:The secret of successful people is that they get used to doing the things that unsuccessful people do not want to do.

18:When a person repeats a belief over and over again, it sits in the depths of his subconscious mind, and takes the form of a reality. Repeated lies are assumed to be true.

19:I would prefer to fail in that work, it will be successful in the end, rather than succeed in the work that will fail in the end.

20:Most people find what they are looking for.

21:The harder I work, the closer I get to luck.

22:What a man thinks about himself determines his fate, or indicates his fate.

23:If discipline is followed in every household, then the crimes committed by the youth will be reduced by up to 95 percent.

24:If people knew how hard I had to work to achieve this skill, then they would not find my work at all surprising.

Book NameYou Can Win
Format PDF
Size22.2 MB
AutorShiv Khera
LanguageHindi & English

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  1. Best learn pdf platform great amazing

  2. I have downloaded the book you can win. I want to win my life.I will read and I am ready to win. I am a teacher of mathematics in Ethiopia.Thank you!


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